Our brand Kelnet

Microfibers & accessories

The optics reference

Since 2013 Kelnet, French brand for microfibre glasses cloths, has been based in Pyrénées-Orientales beside the other brands of the Si International group: Optinett and Siclair.

Kelnet microfibres are dye sublimation printed in its workshop in Perpignan, and it uses the latest techniques to manufacture high quality products. Kelnet is now one of the leading players on the French market.

Our microfibre glasses cloths are thick and very soft. They absorb greases and aqueous solutions by capillarity. Their top quality composition ensures efficient cleaning for better comfort.

In 2022, the brand launched a microfibre range in recycled fibres based on recycled plastic bottles.

Come and discover the Kelnet world and be won over by the quality, cleverness and practicality of our products! You can then free your imagination by creating microfibres with your image, and be tempted by our wide choice of collection.

In brief

Top quality microfibre textiles

For daily use on valuable objects

Long life

100% communicating

100% customisable

Customised advice

Ideas for gifts

Tools for creation available

Sales supports with your image

At Kelnet, we print and fashion our products by dye sublimation in our own workshops in France.

Our sales team is always ready to listen and to let you discover our products and collections, and our team of graphic designers will help you achieve your communication needs. You can also profit from our final proofs in order to view your customisations.