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Glasses cleaners

The optics reference

Optinett is a French brand coming from the Pyrénées-Orientales which designs and manufactures its products in the south of France, and markets them worldwide.

Since its creation in 1979, Optinett has marketed a wide range of cleaning products and optical accessories. The brand celebrated 40 years in 2019, and profited from the occasion to have all its products completely restyled.

The brand’s priority has always been the efficiency of its products and services. So we are constantly improving to meet the highest quality standards and to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Our sales team is always listening to our customers and lets them discover our products, new launches, and advises them in choosing the products of our range.

Eco-design*: Optinett innovates!

Our brand is launching its optical cleaning sprays made with recycled plastic for its entire range. After lengthy collaborative research and development work with our suppliers, we have succeeded in finalising these new sprays in recycled plastic.

Optinett now offers a product that is just as efficient for cleaning your glasses, while being more environmentally friendly.

In order to offer a completely consistent product, the new recycled plastic bottles have new caps, also made of recycled plastic, that can be discarded into the waste recycling bin.

This transition represents more than X tonnes / X% of virgin plastic saved per year, and reduces the brand's carbon footprint X%. A notable advance for the brand and for the world of optics.

Eco-design*: preventive and innovative process for reducing the product's negative impacts on the environment throughout its lifecycle, while keeping its use qualities.

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