of eco-responsability

Si International has always, and now more than ever, followed an eco-responsible path for the purchase of its raw materials, the design and production of its products, so as to reduce its impact on the environment as far as possible (certification to ISO 14001).

We are doing everything we can to reduce our use of water, energy, and all the resources that we may use to best carry out our business.

Key figures

We sort
and recycle
of our waste

We use
on our

Our packaging is compact and recyclable

Plastique recyclé
We use
recycled plastic
for our Optinett sprays

More than 40 % of our raw
material suppliers are found
within 250 km from


Green electricity
in our
workshops since

January 2022

Our best eco-responsible practices

Si International now offers a complete range of eco-designed products

Kelnet microfibre is recycled, made from recycled PET bottles.

All our microfibres are now packaged in a cardboard box of 100 (no plastic packaging).

The rechargeable Optinett and Siclair sprays can be refilled by a partner optician.

The Green box is for collecting empty sprays at our opticians. They send full boxes back to us for the empty sprays to be recycled.

Eco-responsible raw materials

Recycled plastic: used for our Optinett sprays (bottles and caps).

Aluminium: used for our Siclair sprays, metal that can be recycled indefinitely.

HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene): can be recycled into many everyday objects.

Cardboard: used for our packaging and boxes of wipes, is also recyclable.

As a committed company, our responsibility to protect resources is great; so with all our brands we are proud to continue to move in the right direction, that is eco-responsibility.

Green energy contract

100% Central Hydraulique

Our renewable green energy is 100% hydroelectric.

100% dams (hydroelectric plants).

A green box space

The green box. Recycle empty sprays!

  • Assemble and install the box.
  • Customers fill it with their empty Optinett or Siclair sprays.
  • When the box is full, close it up and request your return label.
  • The box comes to us. We can recycle the empty bottles.