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Who are we ?

Genuinely in line with the history of the Si International group, and the women and men who support it, we strive to remain constantly at the highest level for designing products that suit their markets. As an organisation with international scope, aware of the effects of globalisation and watching the changes, we are setting objectives to advance, to satisfy our customers and to continue to exist.

Sure of its history and anxious for its permanence, on an always more demanding market, our group is sustained by the economic, managerial and ethical values that guide our processes and our daily activity, by taking account of the growth of our own staff. Boldness, quality, innovation, determination and excellence in our sectors. Five words that render us a dynamic leading company listening to our shareholders, partners, employees and our customers in a spirit of developing and perfecting our tools to conquer new markets.

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Leading company
optical professionals

Based in the south of France, SI International is a leading company on the market for optical cleaning products. The recognition of our products among optical professionals on the French market has enabled us to develop internationally. We are now present on 5 continents and are continuing to develop thanks to our customers' confidence in us.

On the strength of their French origin, our Optinett, Siclair and Kelnet brands offer you a wide choice of cleaning products in varied ranges.

All our cleaning products are made in France. Our microfibres are printed and packaged in France.


in France

19 000

 in 2020 in France and worldwide

Managed by our sales team, orders are shipped from our logistics platform in Perpignan.

Our group is following a quality process both for the design of the products and the manufacturing processes.

Si International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


Our customers are

the market

Professionals are at the heart of our sales strategy. For more than 50 years, we have supported opticians by accompanying them and helping them to satisfy their clients with comfort and clarity.

With 60 years' experience, Si International has always adapted its offer to the technical evolution of lenses, to distribution and to consumers' expectations.

Our latest formulations are suited to "lenses with anti-blue light treatment". Our R&D service has helped us improve our anti-fogging products through research and testing.

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