Pack of 12 pockets


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A collection of 12 individually-packaged visuals. Our collections offer a wide range of themes to suit everyone. These collectible pockets are great, highly desirable products and make for wonderful impulse purchases.
This features two microfibre layers mounted onto a foam core, available in a rigid case.
A unique, convenient and innovative solution, it?ll stay protected in your pocket or bag.
Kelnet pockets use capillary action to absorb grease and water, taking impurities away from your lenses. They are specially designed and developed, offering superior quality (250g/m²) for effective cleaning and maximum user comfort.
Use the pocket with our cleaning sprays on all types of lens, screen and smartphone.
Size : 4 cm (width) x 6cm (height)
Blister : No
Box : No
Front/Back : No
Packing : PACK OF 12 POCKETS
Configurable : No
Characteristic 1 : collection of 12 pocket (various visuals)
Origin : Printed in France