Designed and made in France from their creation,
our products are proud to boast their
« made in France » origin.


Our workshop, of more than 2500 m2 built in 2019 in Perpignan, is modern and functional and provides optimal conditions of production and organisation.

By our experience of production for drug stores and cosmetic products for the biggest firms, Si International has developed in depth expertise in the field of industrial cleaning and hygiene.

A new logistics platform is also attached for greater responsiveness and flexibility. We stock the finished products there and prepare shipments worldwide.

The collaborators are experts and truly specialists in the business. They are trained to master the most advanced manufacturing processes and methods and to comply with our quality procedures.

Very regular checks are performed by our quality service and by independent operators in order to ensure the highest quality levels for you.

Always at the heart


Listening to our customers allows our Research & Development service to finalise our own cleaning formulations internally: they are exclusive and always suited to ophthalmic lenses while preserving any surface treatments.

We are constantly adapting our products to meet the requirements of new optical lenses and to the latest treatments, such as anti-blue light. Their top quality composition thus ensures efficient cleaning for optimal comfort.

All our products
are regularly tested
on new collections
of glasses in our laboratory

We have a laboratory equipped with efficient devices, for measurement and analysis, specific to our industry. Our team controls both the materials used to make our products and production before shipping.

This double control makes it possible to ensure the quality of our products for compliance with our specifications and the strictest standards.